World leading manufacturer and exporter of cast iron complete technical solutions, SAINT GOBAIN PAM offers the largest products range – pipes, fittings couplings and accessories for waste water and rainwater drainage solutions for buildings.


Saint-Gobain PAM lauches new couplings and grip collars for large diameters 250 and 300.

Designed by PAM, Rapid NG couplings and PAM grip collars are also available in large diameter range. For both, they have been designed with a new shape to address ease of installation and pressure...

EXTREM1, New high performance touch-up paint

NEW EXTREM1, touch-up paint one component Where pipes are cut on site, we recommend to re-coat the pipe ends prior to assembly to prevent the raw metal being in direct contact with the waste water.

Ensign EEZI-FIT™

The push fit range extends to 150 mm. EEZI-FIT the new push-fit range of fittings and couplings has been designed for above ground gravity sanitary applications. Particularly appreciated in new...