Access to the pipework

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Access to the pipework

Access to the pipework must be ensured so that tests, inspections and maintenance can be performed. Access may be obtained using a short access pipe. 

On downpipes



On horizontal collectors

On horizontal runs, the short access pipe will be installed in a slightly sloped position with respect to the pipe crown.

Water flow and air circulation, according to the standard 12056-2 & 12056-3.

The internal diameter of pipes cannot be reduced in the direction of the water flow, except in the case of pipeworks operating at full bore, under negative pressure such as in the syphonic roof drainage system EPAMS.

The addition of branch connections, or changes of slope or fall liable to increase the water flow rate, may require an increase of internal pipe diameter. This increase can be made upstream of the new branch connection, using a tapered pipe reducer.

Rainwater horizontal pipelines

In horizontal and near horizontal pipelines, increases in size shall be installed such
that the soffit is continuous in order to prevent air from being trapped.