Application table domestic use

Last updated on Mon, 11/12/2012 - 10:51

To provide clearer guidance on the chemical resistance of S range in domestic applications, SAINT-GOBAIN PAM has carried out 20 additional tests to the EN 877 Standard requirements on detergent products (floor cleaning product, laundry detergents…) and special products (stain remover, drain cleaner…) of common use.

Tests results

The S range, pipes and fittings proved to withstand the tests.
This test method however simulates a severe stress since the samples lies in direct contact with the solution, the temperature is being maintained and the test includes no rinsing over its duration.

The duration of the test is considered equivalent to the extrapolation of a real chemical stress undergone during 7 or 10 years (a 10 to 15 min stress per day). Where the daily exposures would be longer or the concentrations much higher, the Plus range should be considered.