Cast iron drainage systems: flexible and fit for easy renovation.

Last updated on Thu, 07/28/2011 - 12:23

Cast iron drainage systems: flexible and fit for easy renovation.

New politics for energy consumption in the construction sector will bring projects managers to prioritise conservation of properties whilst technological progress will encourage refurbishment of built properties.

The strength of modern cast iron and improved coatings mean extended lifespan for the cast iron drainage system, sometimes exceeding the original destination of the building.

Most of the time, the assemblies of drainage pipe works are welded or glued and cause permanent connections that can not be disassembled.

Cast iron philosophy gives the flexibility to change one’s mind, today…Or later on.

As opposed to disposable systems, cast iron drainage systems, mechanically assembled can allow retro-fit or easy repair. This ability results, where extensions or modifications are required, in material savings, reduced energy consumption and a better waste management.

PAM cast iron systems contain an extensive range of fittings and different repair methods to carry out efficient and easy modification and / renovation.

Follow-up of ranges over time, regular shapes and dimensions allow replacements “like for like”.




Prior to refurbishment, good diagnosis and pipe works knowledge are essential to bring preventive or creative solutions and propose renovation guidance.