Cast iron jointing method

Last updated on Mon, 07/25/2011 - 16:24

Cast iron jointing method

Cast iron pipe systems are mechanically assembled, at work progress, without pre-assembly, without welding or gluing.
Cast iron pipe systems are modular et allow the installers to overcome any site difficulties
The couplings are dismountable, hence the assemblies are reversible.

Description of the mechanical couplings

Most common mechanical couplings are made of a stainless steel shell or strap and an elastomeric sealing gasket ensuring water tightness.

The elastomeric gasket has a central register for the two spigots to abut on and assess positive and accurate location within the coupling.
The gasket is self-centring and allows perfect alignment of the pipe works which is part of the aesthetical result on all projects.

Accepted angular deflections by the couplings:
3° without leakage up to DN 150
1,5° for DN beyond

Conventional assemblies made with simple tools allow
the expected performances being reached easily .

Different types of couplings exist: Some can be assembled in two parts and others can be assembled as a sleeve.

SAINT GOBAIN PAM has developed a full range of couplings of its own design, combining performance –higher than the standard requirements – and speed of installation.