Cast iron protection

Last updated on Mon, 07/04/2011 - 12:06

Cast iron protection: additional coating or overpainting

Condensation on drainage pipe work

Condensation may appear whenever the temperature of the drainage pipes walls is lower than the dew point. This happens when the temperature of the fluid transported is much lower than that of the surrounding atmosphere and when the hygrometry level is high.

Possible local regulation or preventive solutions fall within the competence of the engineering and design department, after taking the building project specificities into account. According to the anticipated results and the requirements as regards fire protection of the building, solutions such as mineral wool, anti-condensation painting or finally, insulating strip can be considered.

Aggressive atmospheres

Pipes and fittings installed within an aggressive chlorine environment (swimming-pools) should be overpainted with a special air dry epoxy coating. Please refer to paint manufacturers to select the appropriate product to resist this specific stress.
In such atmosphere all stainless steel couplings are compulsory.

Aggressive soil conditions 

According to Annex C of EN 877, for pipes buried in contact with soils with a lower pH than 6, it is recommended they should be additionally protected with polythene sleeve or any other type of external coating as appropriate.