Connections to other materials

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Branch connections to waste pipes in small diameters

The easiest way to connect cast iron systems to other drainage materials is to use rubber connectors or plugs.
Adapting collars and stepping rings are also available to ease connections where variances in diameters have to be compensated.

Rubber transitional connectors KONFIX and KONFIX-Multi are used
to connect waste pipes made of other material (steel or plastics) to a PAM cast iron pipe system.

Insert the PAM KONFIX rubber connector loosely onto the pipe
until the stop point is reached. 
Then secure to the pipe by tightening the hose clamp screw.

Cut the precut rubber to size with a knife and remove the lid.

WARNING: Do not cut too deep as may damage the lip seal inside!

Mark the insert depth on the connecting pipe.
Apply a lubricant and push in.
The assembly is completed

The connecting steel pipe illustrated here is only an example.
The PAM KONFIX rubber connectors can be used
to connect all waste pipe materials to the PAM cast iron systems.

PAM multiquick, transitional connector

To connect PAM cast iron pipes with an outside diameter of 109-112 mm
(tolerance range for PAM cast iron pipes DN 100)
to  other rigid materials with an outside diameter range 110-72 mm.

To connect PAM cast iron pipes with an outside diameter of 109-112 mm to
waste pipes with an outside diameter up
to 115 mm maximum. The connection is made with two
hose clamps both suitable to address larger diameter tolerances.

Push the open end of the PAM MULTIQUICK connector over
the pipe end and place the hose clamp to its tightening position.

Then use a knife to cut open the pre cut lid
to the corresponding outside diameter of the connecting waste pipe.
Then push the second hose clamp loose over the connecting rubber end.

Push the connecting pipe into the PAM MULTIQUICK connector
and tighten the hose clamp in the right position. 

Ensure that the sealing zones (face ends of pipes or fittings) are clean: remove paint flakes and cement residues.
The hose clamps should only be tightened manually with a screwdriver in order to avoid any damage to the
PAM MULTIQUICK rubber connector.

EPDM plugs

The plugs can be pierced to the appropriate groove from 32mm up to 54mm waste connections
and tear out centre disc where required.