DoP Declaration of Performance

Regulation for construction products has been in force since 1st July 2013 according to the new European Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.

The CE marking for Soil and Drain cast iron products and applicable conditions for marking have been modified for all the member states.

CPR establishes that:

  • A declaration of performance DoP based on essential characteristics from EN 877 ZA appendix has to be established.
    • These documents DoP have been set per range of pipes, fittings, couplings and accessories as allowed by the amended version of the standard.
  • Since the DOP must be written in the language of the country of destination in the EU.
    • The relevant documents have been prepared and translated.
    • For European countries where we sell SMU products, please find them below.
  • They are consultable and downloadable.

DoP only apply to end products run by EN 877 and do not apply to raw products or components.

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