EXTREM1, New high performance touch-up paint

Last updated on Mon, 03/05/2012 - 17:26


EXTREM1, touch-up paint one component

Where pipes are cut on site, we recommend to
re-coat the pipe ends prior to assembly to prevent
the raw metal being in direct contact with the waste water.

SAINT GOBAIN PAM has designed a specific acrylic resin coating, one component, combining easy application and quick drying. This touch up paint, available in 250 and 500 ml tubs equipped with brush applicator cap, is designed to re-coat ends of cast iron pipes for waste water and rainwater drainage, after they are cut on site.
Tested to resist important chemical stress, the product is adapted for S and Plus ranges.

Product codes:
Tub 500 ml  226962
Tub 250 ml  226788