Fire safety - Reaction to fire

Last updated on Thu, 05/19/2016 - 17:33

Protect people and property

For fire safety in a building, the major responsibility rests with the project manager who must respect the Regulation in force. In buildings at risk like multi storey buildings, materials with reduced flammability should be selected to apply precautionary principle.
The following two concepts are applied as regards fire safety: Reaction to fire and fire resistance.

Reaction to fire

It is the instant behaviour when a fire breaks out, its propensity to ignite or feed a fire. This behaviour is assessed on the basis of standardised tests and described in an EUROCLASS classification.

Reaction to fire for PAM cast iron systems

For drainage systems, safety in case of fireis the only essential safety requirement.

For cast iron systems, the tests and technical specifications are defined in the amended standard EN 877, and the section "Reaction to fire" alone requires a mandatory certificate, issued by an independent laboratory, to obtain CE marking.

Cast iron as a material itself is classified as A1 in the Euroclass classification for reaction to fire.

In tests carried out by the CSTB accredited laboratory, the SAINT-GOBAIN PAM cast iron ranges(pipes, fittings and accessories and their couplings) received the following Euroclass rankings:

A1 for the S ranges

A2 -s1, d0 for the PLUS range or the ranges including powdered fittings*

For smoke emission and the production of flaming droplets, the PLUS range respectively achieved the lowest possible rating: s1 and d0.

A1 and A2 being reserved for products that are not, or only slightly, combustible, these two rankings show the PAM cast iron ranges non combustibility. They are reported in the DoP (Declaration of Performance).

As EUROCLASS classification is based on harmonised test methods and defines a universal reaction to fire ranking, hence it to makes it possible to compare construction products.


Cast iron remains one of the safest drainage material for fire safety.
SAINT GOBAIN PAM cast iron product ranges comply in every respect to the standard EN 877.
This compliance is validated by complete Quality Marks, is periodically tested by accredited third part laboratories and brings you the performance guarantee for the systems you specify.


* The Fire sector group of European Notified Bodies considered, according to the rules of EN 13501-1 that coated cast iron pipeworks could possibly be ranked A1 as long as the PCS value of the outside coatings is lower than 2MJ/m².