Grip collar installation

Last updated on Mon, 07/25/2011 - 16:23


According to the pipe work configuration and the resistance to pressure required, the couplings should be grippes or not.

The PAM UNIVERSAL grip collars have very good pressure performance same as those of the couplings designed by PAM, and in excess of the Standard requirements.

They have been tested along with the PAM designed couplings and reached the following performance:

DN 50-125: 10 bar
DN 150 -200: 5 bar

General recommendations

The two half parts of the PAM grip collar must encircle the pipe uniformly, in parallel.
The grip collars must be positioned so that the apertures fit over the fixing bolts of the coupling and the teeth are directly located onto the pipe

The screws will be inserted to fix the two parts together loosely.

The screws will be tightned crosswise alternatively so that the two plates are put in parallel with the same spacing.

The assembly is completed when the external edges of the plates (see figure 1)
are in contact on both sides.