Installation features

Last updated on Wed, 10/03/2012 - 09:46

Preparation prior to installation


Cast iron pipe systems for drainage mainly consist of spigot pipes - generally supplied in 3 m length - and
fittings of various shapes (bends, branches, etc.). The cast iron pipes can be cut to length.
Where pipes are cut on site, ends shall be cut clean and square with burrs removed and then
re-coated with the adequate touch-up paint EXTREM 1 or other repair products recommended by SAINT-GOBAIN PAM.

Cutting techniques

SMU pipes can be cut easily and quickly using either of the following methods. It should be ensured that cutting procedures comply with the safety guidelines from the cutting tool manufacturer’s operating manual.

WARNING Chain or compression type cutters should not be used.

Reciprocating saw can be used, but is not fully adapted.