Modification of an existing installation.

Last updated on Thu, 07/28/2011 - 15:02

Modification of an existing installation.

Typical example on spigot system 

1. Measure length of branch, adding a further 15mm in total to allow for coupling’s central register top and bottom. 
Make sure existing pipe work is adequately supported from above. 
Mark pipe position for cutting.
Cut pipe using powered disc cutter or wheel cutter and remove sharp edges.
Coat cut ends with appropriate touch-up (epoxy coating). See EXTREM 1

2 -3. Push the rubber gaskets onto the spigot cut ends top and bottom, ensuring the central registers are abutted against each spigot edge.

4. Position fitting in the stack within each rubber gasket abutting against the central registers.

5. Loosely assemble the coupling around each gasket.
Check alignment of assembly before tightening the bolts, to recommended level, depending on the couplings technical recommendations.

Test new stack for successful joints.

Typical example push-fit system

Soil stack modification can also be made with SME push fit system using slip fittings.

Slip fitting

The slip fittings allow modifications on existing stacks and make the replacement of pipe work sections easier.
Vertical lift required= 220 mm

Slip branch

The slip branch allows the installation, on an existing stack, of a perfectly operational branch connection.