Multi waste manifold

Last updated on Tue, 02/08/2011 - 19:09

The multi-waste manifold simplifies waste plumbing by grouping all associated pipework from various sources such as sinks, basins, bidets, urinals and showers to one internal point above the finished floor level.

The manifold will permit the connection of three 32/38mm copper/plastic waste inlets to any new or existing 100mm diameter PAM SMU / Ensign pipe stack and three 50mm copper/plastic waste inlets to 150mm diameter pipe stack.

The manifold main body is connected to the stack using standard couplings. On the 100mm manifold to achieve a 32mm waste connection, remove the inner rubber ring, 38mm utilising the outer ring (for waste pipe maximum lengths see EN 12056-2). Pipework connecting discharge appliances to the manifold, should be designed not to cause self siphonage.

Fixing instructions

  1. Remove grommets, pierce the appropriate groove for 32mm or 38mm waste (100mm manifold only) connections and tear out centre disc where required.
  2. Apply an appropriate silicone grease (not provided) to the outside of the grommet and re-fit into manifold ensuring that the retaining groove of the grommet is located correctly in the casing.
  3. Lubricate pipe ends and insert into grommet with a rotational movement. Pipe ends may be chamfered for ease of insertion.
  4. Any grommet not fitted with a waste pipe must also follow instruction 2 above.

Typical manifold installation

Beware the manifold is not made to vent the stack. The new EEZI-FIT manifold can be used to make a vent stack when one of the outlet is available.

The new EEZI-FIT- manifold can be used to make a vent stack when one of the outlet is available.
Manifold in Floor_Branch_Bkts

The drawing below shows two possible methods, both of which were successfully used in the past.

On the right, a short length of 50mm Ensign/SMU
pipe, turned down to 56mm OD pushed into the
manifold and coupled onto in Ensign or SMU using
standard couplings.
Secondly, on the left, a length of 56mm PVC, HDPE
or PP pushed into the manifold to facilitate venting of the stack.