Pipeworks stability

Last updated on Tue, 06/28/2011 - 16:55

Stack support pipe for open hoppers.

A pipework is submitted to different forces liable to affect its stability. Stack supports are cast iron
components designed to address these efforts when a stack is installed through open hoppers.


On straight runs, stack support pipes should be installed to address the pipes weight.
At the bottom of the stack, the stack support pipe addresses both pipes weight and end thrust effort. For the last case, it is recommended that the support and fixings should be adapted accordingly.

We recommend to position the first stack support pipe at the base of the first floor, and then every subsequent fifth floor, in case of a standard average 2.5 m between floors, or more generally every 15 m.
In case of closed hopper, no stack support pipe is required.

Stack support pipe with acoustic insulation

The support bracket covered with rubber gasket prevents the structure- borne noise from the drainage network from radiating at the slab level.

Stack support pipe installed vertically 

Either on cantilever arms or stack support consoles

Stack support pipe installed horizontally 

Wall bracketing system in mild steel, for use with stack support pipes and brackets, is available.