Push-fit ranges


SME and EEZI-FIT ranges combine all the benefits of cast iron with the simplicity of push-fit assembly, completed in seconds.

SME socket pipes and fittings is a traditional range, available from DN 50 to 150. Particularly appreciated in sanitary renovation works or used as rainwater push-fit systems, the range enlarged over time to meet all site configurations, ease the installers work whilst respecting good practice. Complies with standard EN 877.

Ensign EEZI-FIT is a new push-fit range of socketed fittings and couplings in 100mm and now 150mm diameters, designed for above ground gravity sanitary applications. Particularly appreciated in new building projects, EEZI-FIT is fully compatible with all products within the SMU/Ensign range, the EEZI-FIT range is designed to meet product standard EN 877.


After pipe cutting operation, it is demanded to protect the face ends by applying a layer from the EXTREM 1 touch-up paint.

SME range