Requirements and permissible pressure load

Last updated on Thu, 02/10/2011 - 17:02

Standard requirements according to EN 12056

Gravity waste water drainage systems and ventilation systems generally operate without pressure. This does not exclude however, the possibility of pressure arising in the systems under specific operating conditions.

EN 12056-1, Section 5.4.2 Water and Gas Tightness, states that drainage installations must be sufficiently water and gas tight to withstand pressures arising in operation. Furthermore, EN 12056-5, Section 6.3 states relating to securing pipe systems: Non anchored pipes must be secured and/or supported in such a manner that they cannot be disconnected during use. The arising reaction forces must be addressed.


Fluid pressure is the force the fluid exerts by surface unit, perpendicularly to this surface.

Pressure change applied to the surface of an enclosed fluid is transmitted evenly and undiminished in all directions. Robust cast iron components can address any pressure hazard, so the couplings will be submitted to the strain.
Couplings designed by SAINT-GOBAIN PAM are tested in hydrostatic pressure; grip collars and autogrip collars, only, are tested under end thrust efforts.