Roof penetration device

Last updated on Mon, 02/07/2011 - 17:26

To secure roof watertightness, which is of crucial importance, the number of roof penetrations should be limited.
SAINT-GOBAIN PAM has designed for its pipe systems, a roof penetration device that is watertight and quick to install.

The system was developed to ease installation of perfectly watertight roof penetration for cast iron vent pipes.

The flanged fittings clamp both the vapour barrier and the waterproofing layer.

The first flange fitting, installed above the roof clamps the vapour barrier under the roof insulating layer, the second, above the insulating layer clamps the waterproofing layer, be it polymer or bituminous.

The roof penetration device is a set of two ductile iron flanged fittings – one of the flanges is fixed, the second is movable - equipped with rubber gaskets. Rubber gaskets are available in EPDM or NBR quality where hydrocarbons can be feared.