Single stack Branch

Last updated on Fri, 01/21/2011 - 17:11

The CEBTP single stack branch is a patented device made to allow wastewater drainage without vent pipes.

Given that the maximum number of connected sanitary appliances is respected, the single stack branch properly drains waste water in a single stack, without vent pipes, whilst limiting the risks of self siphonage.
This device complies with the regulation in force and with Standard EN 12056.

Consult local requirements for compliance.

Field of use:

  • Multi connection of sanitary appliances for adjacent flats, or sanitary blocks
  • Compactness when the space is limited
  • No vent pipes being required.


It simplifies plumbing by grouping the pipeworks from 3 or 4 times more sources than a conventional installation.
Maximum connections for each floor level: 2 toilets, 2 bathtubs and all the usual sanitary facilities for two flats (sinks, basins, showers…)
The single stack branch is particularly suitable for narrow service shafts, for hotel rooms, student flats or any other building with adjacent sanitary blocks.

Operation features

  • Prevent excessive pressure variations in the stack system
  • Limit negative pressure by optimal venting and prevent self siphonage.
The single stack branch DN 100 main body is connected to the stack using standard couplings and a traditional jointing method. Their water tightness is ensured by the rubber gaskets which equip the SMU® S, SME and SMU® Plus product lines, proposed by SAINT-GOBAIN PAM.

Owing to the special design of the branch, after a flush, the column of water is directed so that air can pass over the flow and naturally vent the stack.


Inside the branch, at the bottom of the body, a rubber deflector sprays the column of water to prevent draught or self siphonage

The plumbing works overall shall be executed in compliance with standard EN 12056: the appliances are to be installed with traps in compliance with the specifications of the same standard.

The single stack branch now exists in long tail to allow connection to the main stack under the slab and thus ease installation either in new or renovation works.

Three different products, 2 or 3 inlets:

  • Corner branch two inlets 88°
  • Double branch two inlets 88°
  • A consecutive branch, three inlets 88°

Rubber plugs with several pre-cut lids will permit from one to three different connections.