Stainless steel couplings -Separate assembly

Last updated on Tue, 10/02/2012 - 14:40

Stainless steel couplings: installation guide

Some models can be assembled in two parts and others can be assembled as a sleeve.

Separate Assembly

CV- CE couplings and PAM SMU Rapid 2 Couplings

The couplings consists of two parts: a stainless steel strap and an EPDM sealing gasket

Tools: screwdriver, ratchet or electric screwdriver.

The tightening torques need to be respected,
standard manual tightening torques:

CV coupling:
8-10 N.m for all DN

CE coupling:
5-8 N.m for DN50-75/80
10-12 N.m for DN 100-125
12-15 N.m for DN 150-200

SMU Rapid 2:
4 N.m for all DN

Push the supplied sealing gasket
on to the pipe spigot so it abutts
the gasket central register.

Roll back the open half of the
sealing gasket

Install the next spigot and unfold
the gasket half back.

Place the steel strap around the
sealing gasket


For CV-CE couplings: Alternately tighten the two tightening
screws uniformly and hand tight. The threaded plates must come together
parallel to avoid any deformation.


For SMU Rapid 2: tighten the single hexagon head screw