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Cast iron products for building drainage systems are made of an alloy of natural elements: iron, carbon and silicon.

Cast iron is a natural product and it is manufactured entirely from recycled raw materials: scrap iron and cast iron which are enhanced by a second melt process.
SAINT-GOBAIN PAM cast iron combines the traditional longevity of irons with outstanding technical and mechanical properties which remain stable over time and in all climates.

Its robustness limits breakages and damaged supplies and its nature and density confer thermal and acoustic properties guaranteeing safety and comfort in use.

PAM cast iron: modular products ranges

Complete, compatible and consistent ranges of pipes, couplings, fittings and accessories:
SAINT-GOBAIN PAM offers a wide range of products combined with coatings and couplings for the construction of consistent pipe systems, benefiting from the outstanding sturdy properties of cast iron.

The components

Spigot ranges

PAM pipe systems for drainage systems mainly consist of spigot systems comprising pipes (generally in 3 m lengths) and fittings of various shapes (bends, branches, etc.).
Each SAINT GOBAIN PAM drainage product range targets specific applications and provide users with optimal safety, reliability and long service life.

Push-fit ranges

Dedicated to vertical sanitary applications, SME and EEzi-fit ranges combine all the benefits of cast iron with the simplicity of push-fit assembly, completed in seconds.

SME socket pipes and fittings is a traditional range, available from DN 50 to 150. Particularly appreciated in sanitary renovation works or used as rainwater push-fit systems, the range enlarged over time to meet all site configurations, ease the installers work whilst respecting good practice. Complies with standard EN 877.

EEZI-FIT is a new push-fit range of socketed fittings and couplings in 100mm and now 150mm diameters, designed for above ground gravity sanitary applications. Particularly appreciated in new building projects, EEZI-FIT is fully compatible with all products within the SMU/Ensign range, the EEZI-FIT range is designed to meet product standard EN 877.



Spigot cast iron pipe systems are connected by mechanical metal couplings which can be assembled either with open straps like PAM CV-CE couplings or push-fit, depending on the model.

Push-fit assembly

These couplings are equipped with elastomer gaskets ensuring flexible assembly and water tightness.
Stainless steel couplings are available in different designs and can be equipped either with standard EPDM or NBR nitrile gaskets.

To meet specific requirements for pressure resistance grip collars or self-anchoring couplings can be used to lock those couplings.
The choice of couplings depends mainly on the applicable installation, operating constraints or on local preferences.
A chart to help you make your choice is provided in the Specifier’s Manual.


For its product ranges, SAINT-GOBAIN PAM has conducted research on coatings and on the continuous improvement of their performance, so that customers can benefit from the properties of metal products suitably protected.
Thanks to more than 100 years experience in pipe systems substantiated by numerous tests conducted in operating conditions has resulted in the design of effective coatings, ideally suited to their specific purposes.